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Commers water treatment systems offer the most advanced water purification technologies in the world. Our reverse osmosis systems give your business or family the clean, healthful and fresh-tasting water they deserve. Using a Commers purifying system reduces up to 99% of unwanted impurities and eliminates bad taste and odors for sparkling clear water.

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Commers CQC Pro

  • Unlimited Water Supply
  • High Performance Pump
  • High Capacity Storage Tank
  • Universal Application

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Commers CQC

  • Carbon Pre Filter
  • Reverse Osmosis Membrane
  • Carbon Block Post Filter
  • Automatic Shut Off

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Water Filter

  • Unlimited Water
  • Two Stage Filtration
  • Can be Used on Coolers
  • Easy Change Cartridges

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Commers Water Filter

Why Choose the Water Filter?

The Commers Water Filter is an affordable solution for fast safe drinking water. Our water filter systems are tested and certified by NSF International. The filter utilizes a twin mechanical flow design which controls the flow of water into the reservoir allowing for optimal clean and on-demand drinking water. If you have problems with sediment and chlorine taste in your water, this is the unit for your family or small business.

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Features of the Commers Water Filter

  • State-of-the-Art Multi-Stage High Efficiency Filter
  • High Capacity Filtration Reduces Lead, Cysts, Sediment, Dirt and Other Particles
  • High Performance Carbon Absorption Reduces Chlorine, Tastes, Odors and VOC’s to Ensure Fresh-Tasting, Crystal Clear Water
  • Controlled Flow Rate Assures Certified Performance and Life
  • NSF International Certified and Listed