Water Softener Systems

Discover How Good Your Water Can Be

A wide variety of Commers Water Systems are available for residential and commercial use. Along with a wide selection of sizes, capacities and price ranges our home water softener systems are designed to soften and filter water.

Commers offers rentals on softening.

We also have salt delivery throughout the Twin Cities –Save yourself the hassle of hauling your own salt. We’ll deliver to you!

Which Water Softener System is Right for You?

Models as low as $19.95 per month to rent.

Do You Have City Water?

The national average for hardness is 5-8 grains per gallon. The average for Minnesota is 12-18 grains per gallon. That is why we customize every unit for the customer’s water needs. Not one size fits all. The average “National softener” sold by local dealers is not made for Minnesota water. View our city water softeners.

Do You Have Well Water?

Well water comes from an aquifer and can contain some unpleasant traits. These include hardness, iron, odor and tannins that make the water undesirable in the home. We offer solutions to most problem well water. View our well water softeners.

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